Thursday, 17 November 2011

Breaking Dawn Pt 1 Opens this Friday!!!

The time has finally arrived for all you Twilight fans out there! Breaking Dawn Part 1 (which is the fourth installment of the series) opens this Friday. Although this will only be part one of the movie, it is sure to show everything that fans have been waiting to see. I know fans are excited to see Edward and Bellas' wedding, the love scene bewtween the two (which won't be graphic considering the movie has a PG 13 rating), and Bella's pregnacy and birth. With those being the most anticipated scenes, it leaves fans to wonder; what else will they see in the film? and what part will part one end? (to leave fans anxciously waiting for part two next summer). Well, those questions will finally be answered this Friday, but for now you can enjoy the trailer.

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